US-Israeli agreement provides that Israel could go ahead with its nuclear program as it wishes as long as it is kept secret. This report by: Ashraf Jamal, reminds us that president J. KENNEDY was assassinated while he was pressing against the Israeli nuclear program. While the United States and Britain launched a relentless war against … more “Old Israeli nuclear program is forty years”

There is evidence that Mossad was involved in the bombing of Hariri.The Mehlis investigation was so corrupt it was aborted. Vital evidence was ignored, especially that which shows israels past history in similar bombings using ‘Mista’aravim’ israeli jews dressed up as arabs. This what she wrote Trish Schuh (1) in her study titled: The Salvador … more “Who really killed Hariri”

Does the British judgment order take up double measures?.This question was introduced after the”Yamama deal’s scandal”, which the Saudian prince Bandar Ben Sultan has been involved on it, while the political interests led to stopping the investigations .The same question is introduced today, especially after the death of the Georgian billionaire Patarkatsishvili in London, who … more “Why the British authorities did not solve the mystery death of Patarkatsishvili”

Will the United States of America repeat, today with Islamic Iran Republic, what they’ve done in the 1964 with Vietnam when they used the so called “Tonkin Gulf incident” to start its war against Vietnam? This document by Robert J. Hanyok published in the National Security Agency’s classified journal Cryptologic Quarterly in early 2001 reveals … more “Skunks, bogies, silent hounds, and the flying fish: The Gulf of Tonkin Mystery, 2-4 August 1964”